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Christina [userpic]
A New Forum?
by Christina (comtesse_de_lis)
at September 18th, 2011 (02:29 pm)

Hello to everyone and the new members I approved (my apologies for it taking so long with some of you, but I'm not around much on LJ anymore).

This community has been dead for almost a year now, but looking over the community account it looks like it still gets occasional membership requests, including two today. Thank you!

If anyone's interested in following my kimono blog, which is where I've wandered off to, I'm over at The Kimono Lady. Given what happened with this LJ com., rather than try to build a kimono community here on LJ, I'm thinking of trying to make an independent forum so it's easier for people to find and interact with each other.

There's a great forum already over on immortalgeisha.com that I am a member of myself, but I've heard some people find it intimidating or don't want any kind of "geisha" label, so I thought a more kimono-focused forum might be a good progression from this LJ community.

I'll keep y'all posted here if I do go ahead with it. Thank you and let me know what you think about the idea.