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The GodLlama [userpic]
An Introduction and an Advert
by The GodLlama (aelie_baby)
at July 29th, 2010 (08:10 pm)

Hello, everyone! My name is Rachel, and I just happened to find this community yesterday. I've loved kimonos since i was a child, especially the beautiful fabrics used in their construction. My sister recently returned from Japan and brought me a yukata. I wanted to find other yukata for my classroom, but couldn't find any that were less than $100. I thus took it upon myself to make some for my kids to play with. I had so much fun doing it that I have decided to open up my own kimono shop:

Llama's Kimonos!

It literally opened yesterday, so there's no pictures uploaded yet. However, if you have need of any kimono or obi, just let me know!