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Love Kimono

share your love, ideas and inspiration here

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Share your kimono or kimono-related photos, coordinates, questions, and ideas. Non-traditional ok!
Love Kimono is a community dedicated to having fun with traditional Japanese clothing and keeping it alive through traditional styles or new takes on kimono, hakama, etc., and sharing your love of kimono with others. Everyone is welcome!

What’s OK to Post?

1. Photos, from cell phone snaps to full-on photoshoots, featuring…

Traditional outfits with proper kitsuke (kimono wearing rules)
Non-traditional takes, such as:

Mokona style (see the book Okimono Kimono)
Homemade kimono
Mamechiyo Modern style
Western-based Goth/punk/couture outfits using kimono
Cosplay or quality costumes
Takuya Angel (his kimono-fabric items)
Re-purposed kimono sewing or décor projects
Dolls in kimono
Pets in kimono outfits
Art featuring kimono

Basically, anything using a kimono or traditional Japanese clothing! Our only request is that photos and art maintain a certain respect for kimono (no Legg Avenue Sexy-Geisha-in-a-Bag “costumes”, etc.)

2. You can also post anything that inspires you, like scans from magazines or anime or movie reviews, or updates from kimono sellers, questions about how to buy or wear them, kimono you’ve just bought, coordinate ideas, etc.

Posts need to relate to kimono in some way. So a “I’m going to Japan, what food should I eat?” post isn’t on topic, but “I’m going to Japan, where can I buy good kimono?” post would be fine.

3. Ads for kimono-related items are ok, but only under an lj-cut and are limited to two per month per member.

What Are the Community Rules?

The idea of this community is to create a fun, friendly place for English-speakers to share their love of kimono in whatever form it takes while maintaining respect for both quality and Japanese culture. Please note the following rules to help us keep it that way:

For photos:

1. Your outfit or project must include a kimono, kimono-inspired piece, or kimono fabric.

2. Homemade kimono are fine, but no cheap/inaccurate “Walmart” costumes, Chinese satin bathrobes or Chinese brocade, please. (China’s a wonderful country but it is not the same as Japan.)

3. Collars left over right, please. It’s one of the strictest rules of kimono-wearing and the only one we’re going to insist on.

For the community:

1. Respect each other. No snark, no trolling, and don’t give detailed critiques unless they are specifically asked for. If the mods have to warn you twice, on the third time you will be banned permanently. Obvious trolls will be banned immediately.

2. Please credit scans if you can, and no hot-linking images.

3. This community is both moderated and all posts friends-locked to keep drama and trolls to a minimum.

Want to Join?

Read everything here and want to join? Please request membership and then send an LJ message to comtesse_de_lis answering the following question:

What’s your favorite kimono style and why?

A Quick Hello

Hi! My name is Christina, and I’m the founder of Love Kimono. I bought my first one back in 1998 and have loved them ever since, wearing them as everything from Goth clubwear to traditional summer festival outfits, both in America and Japan. I also have a daily kimono blog, The Kimono Lady, where I ramble on about them and traditional Japanese culture.

While living in Japan, I was pleased to find that most Japanese had a positive reaction to Westerners in kimono. They were happy to share this piece of their culture with others, and it’s that fun, adventurous spirit I’d like to encourage here in Love Kimono. Or, as one of my favorite quotes goes:

“To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong.”
-Joseph Chilton Pearce